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8. CineStill 800T falls into the latter category, as CineStill has only been around since 2012. After a 1989 movie, City of Sadness, was filmed in Jiufen, interest in the town was renewed, and it’s since been a popular tourist attraction. 00 Kodak T-MAX 400 is a continuous-tone, sharp panchromatic black-and-white negative film. The film can of course also be developed in the original Kodak ECN-2 chemistry for Picture Motion Film. Fuji Color 400 Nope. 85 ( Not Fresh As It Stopped Production 2012 September ) *ECN2 Process Required* CineStill 800T Tungsten Film – RM 44. But Peter mentioned that apparently Portra 400 can be exposed at 1600 and developed normally. Cinestill 800T Tungsten 120 film This 800 speed tungsten balanced color negative film is prepared from the same motion picture Fuji Pro 400H 120 film. Honorable Mentions. 👉🏼 These were all shot with a Canon A-1 • 50mm f/1. It is a pity I did not have its 120 medium format version (which annoyingly is now available), but I was more than happy with my trustworthy Kodak Portra 400 film. If you shoot it at 400, you have to be mindful of what you are shooting, because the image can turn out quite cool, especially if you are shooting a scene with cool light. As you can see Cinestill is quite sensitive to highlights so proper exposure is important. 00 out of 5 Home / Shop Shop. The Legendary Fujifilm Natura 1600, Known to give results similar to Cinestill 800T. So, to start at the beginning, you’ll want to buy film. A quick recap of why I treated myself to a few rolls of 35mm CineStill 800 Tungsten film for some CineStill 800T Portraits! Article covers me using a Leica M3 + CineStill 800 for portrait photos in daylight, tungsten light & after dark at different ISo. Yashica L AF - Arista EDU Ultra 400. Japan Camera Hunter StreetPan 400. While promoting the viability of vintage cameras and film. The 'Premoval' process by cinestill was designed to take away the 'Rem-Jet' Layer so that it can be processed on standard C-41 minilabs machines safely. FRESH 5 roll Cinestill 800T 35mm 135 Film ISO 800 Cine Color Tungsten fit Kodak NEW & FRESH All films we sell are fresh directly from manufacturer, you'll have a long period before expire. Quick View. So armed with that newfound knowledge, I intended to push some 400 film to 1600 and develop accordingly. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. The site also serves as a hub for information on analog photography resources in Bangkok for film photographers, whether they are 35mm SLR users or medium format shooters. net Photography Forums. Shiny vintage cars with Ektachrome 100. New article! New article! Cinematic Photography, Film Photography, Nikon F100, Portra 400, Famous. Let us know which film stock you prefer! Like and subscribe! This is a shot from my first use of Cinestill 800T film, which is Kodak Eastman 5219 movie film which has been prepared by removing the Rem-Jet and loaded in to standard 135 cartridges. Shopee กล้องและอุปกรณ์ถ่ายภาพ ฟิล์ม ฟิล์มสี CineStill 800T 800Tungsten 35mm 36exp Color Film ฟิล์มถ่ายรูป 35มม. Cinestill 800 Shot at 1600 but developed as normal. I am heavily inspired by cinema which is one of main motives for shooting with Cinestill 800T as I often want to create that cinematic vibe in my images. After removing the film spool from my camera the backing paper clearly said “NPH 400” instead if 800…so when it came time to develop it, I had to agitate for a little longer. CineStill 50D is different from its brother, CineStill 800T. CineStill BWXX Double-X 35mm is a black and white negative film. Cinestillfilm Cinestill  Nov 10, 2014 I don't know exactly when I first heard about Cinestill 800T, probably inside show in relatively low light using Portra 400 and a blue filter. This film is the company's only black and white film emulsion and unfortunately is not as popular as the company's 800T or 50D film emulsions partially because, well, it's fairly rare. I really forgot how quickly window light loses intensity as you move away from the edge. Kodak Portra 400. Looking at CineStill 800T, it is necessary to understand where this film comes from and what it was originally designed to achieve. You also get incredible fine grain (in my experience even better than the Kodak Portra 800), a spectacular halation effect and really nice skin tones. I’ll give it another shot because I think I’m now a bit more experienced at developing at home. 135 rolls. NOW WITH NEW DX CODED CASSETTES FOR USE WITH POINT & SHOOT AND PROFESSIONAL CAMERAS! I Shot a Roll of Cinestill 800 by Karol Malecki. Once it is gone, an entire category of instant film cameras become obsolete. 36 exp. 5 Myths Photographers Will Tell You About Film, or: Why Film Isn’t Afraid of the Dark With a fast f/1. 50. Also found this youtube video as well where it is pushed to 1600 Cinestill 800 ISO Tungsten Xpro C-41 Film 135/36. 99. CineStill 800 Tungsten 35mm color film. Pentax K1000 - Cinestill 800t. The films were processed in express by one of the labs we still have here : Konota. 8 AI - Kodak TRI-X 400 52 Rolls Project Recap December 31, 2016 Photo Blog. Agfaphoto APX 400 Bergger Pancro 400 Cinestill 50D Cinestill 800T Cat Update: Since the time this video was shot, we discovered this little lady was actually pregnant. This 800 speed tungsten balanced color negative film is prepared from the same motion picture film stock used by top cinematographers around the world. ISO: 800 Cinestill 800T. The entire time I was shooting, I thought it was a roll of ISO 800 film instead of 400…or else i wouldn’t have shot in the dark with such fearlessness. Alex's First Birthday Newsletter. CineStill 800T - 120 - Single Roll. I thought shooting color at night would be a pretty tough process but with the availability of Cinestill 800T and Superia 1600 you really have some great and affordable options. Kodak TRI-X 400 135-36   Without going into spoilers, just want to say that it was lovely to spend 2 hours last night with Jesse Pinkman and the Breaking Bad story line in that new Netflix  . CineStill 800Tungsten Xpro C-41 Color Negative Film is re-formatted movie stock that has been prepared and packaged for use in still cameras. And then you have the films that sometimes appear to guide the photographer to certain subjects. Feb 20, 2018 It took me a while to try out Agfa Vista (200 and 400), as it is one of our least Moving along to faster speeds, next up was Cinestill 800T,  Cinestill 800T – 35mm Film High-speed ISO 800 tungsten-balanced motion picture film A distinct halation effect produces glowing highlights from strong light … Tungsten-Balanced Color Negative Film ISO 800/30° in C-41 or ECN-2 Process Motion Picture Film Stock CineStill 800Tungsten Xpro C-41 Color Negative Film is re-formatted movie stock that has been prepared Kodak Portra 400 - 120. Currently the CineStill 800 is very popular in the field of artificial light  Jun 15, 2017 CineStill 800T Tungsten Film – RM 44. Another central, easily accessible place is Bugis area which include Haji Lane and Jalan Besar. Add to cart. April 29, 2016. 95. Quick View 11. Fujifilm Superia X-tra 400 35mm Color Negative Film 36 Exposures (3 My name is Andrew and this is where I share my 35mm film photos. CineStill 800Tungsten (2nd. Or is it different filmstock? I didn't like the 50D Cinestill and stay away from trying the "800T", because Portra 400 always seems to be the better choice and cheaper. For the first time ever, motion picture cinema film is now available for standard still photography and processing! Kodak Portra 400 vs CineStill 800T. sold out. I didn't like Cinestill 800T the first time I shot it a couple of years ago. CineStill 50D ISO 50 120 Size CineStill 800T ISO 800 Tungsten Color Film 35mm x 36 exp. 7. Vintage Cameras. I admit I was a little skeptical, because this isn’t the first time I’ve shot CineStill 800T. Cinestill 800T · 35MM. With so many choices currently available, it helps to have some understanding of when a particular film excels. I also shot a roll of CineStill 800T, setting my meter between 800 and 3200 ISO. Kodak Portra 400 and CineStill 800T or Kodak VISION3 500T 5219 – the film that provides the base for CineStill 800T – are modern photographic films designed to be used as part of a digital workflow. professional film Lomography Color Negative 400. I’ve shot and developed a couple of rolls of the stuff a few months ago, but I never got good results. Get extraordinary images with cinematic quality with your 135 analogue cameras. Previous Post Kentmere 400. Kodak Pro Fomapan 400 Action – RM 18. 4 lens and ISO 400 film you can capture most artificial lighting with a minimum shutter The Cinestill 800t is tungsten balanced and is made for shooting in difficult low light situations, indoors with flash and under fluorescent light. All photographs and observations are my own, unless otherwise noted. Showing 1–24 of 117 results Black Gopro Lowepro Flipside 400 AW Photography Backpack. On the other hand, they are much more expensive, harder to find, and they market this as a Daylight balanced film, but just like the 800T, i found it has a really prominent blue-cast. 35mm Nikon FE2 • CineStill 800T • North Hollywood, CA Instax NeoClassic Mini90 • Fuji Instax • Las Vegas, NV 35mm Nikon FE2 • CineStill 800T • Palmdale, CA 35mm Olympus XA2 • B&W Rollei 400 • San Jose, CA Instax NeoClassic Mini90 • Fuji Instax • Valley of Fire, NV I decided to make these photos with some CineStill 800t film given the lighting conditions I was working with. Seawood Photo is the best in the west for vintage cameras and film photography supplies. All photos in this album were taken with the Canon Canonet QL17 Giii. . It is really a 400 or 500 ISO film that is recommended to be shot at ISO 800. I’d like to share out 30 crazy-cool pictures taken with film camera for your inspiration. Home > Colour > Cinestill 800T C-41 Color Negative Film (120 Roll Film) Cinestill 800T C-41 Color Negative Film (120 Roll Film) 400 Color Negative Film (120 Roll Cinestill 800T has been developed from Kodak Vision 3 500T 5219 motion picture film that was designed for ECN-2 motion picture processing as a positive film. But if you are, even then a bit of overexposure won’t harm, it will be only for good. - high speed colour 120 film - ISO 800 tungsten balanced colour negative film from the same motion picture film stock - Ideal for difficult low light tungsten situations Mamiya Rb67 - Portra 400. I shot a roll of cinestill 800 at 1600 last week and my photo lab received it The earliest example I can show you comes from 1985 - Fuji 400  Sep 8, 2018 I also had a roll of JCH 400, and Ilford's 3200 speed film too that I hadn't really excited about picking up some Cinestill 800 to shoot at night. Photography is a family tradition. Great news for everyone in the film photography world, CineStill bwXX is back in stock. It’s the last peel-apart instant film on the market. The regular B&W film was amazing but due to the pinhole capture I Nissan Heritage Collection, Zama, Japan – Cinestill 800T. Buy Cinestill 50Daylight Xpro C-41 Color Negative Film (35mm Roll Film, 36 Exposures) featuring Daylight-Balanced Color Negative Film, ISO 50/18° in C-41 or ECN-2 Process, "Premoval" of Rem-Jet Layer, Unique Halation Effect, Well-Suited to Push Processing, Very Fine Grain, Wide Exposure Latitude, Enhanced Scanning Performance, Non DX-Coded 135 Cartridge. 11. The colourful Rochor Centre HDB are still intact as of September 2017. This is the last roll from the batch I ordered from UK a few years back when it was first released. The grain is a lot finer and there isn't the annoy bluish hues that come with the scans (which I find can only be removed by desaturating the blues entirely). And was shocked by how well that turned out. 85 – exp March 2020 May 26, 2017 This month. com : CineStill Film 800135 800 Tungsten High Speed (ISO 800) Kodak Portra 400 Professional ISO 400, 35mm, 36 Exposures, Color Negative Film (. Shop all the 35mm film in the Film Bros store. Man, thanks so much, this guy is great. Yeah, I absolutely love my camera, but I could see myself selling down the line and getting like five great film camera with the money. it's between Cinestill 50 (left photo) and Fuji Pro 400h (Right I actually prefer it to Cinestill 800T which is much more of a stylised  The second generation of CineStill film is now being produced! With an Original fresh stock from Kodak Vision3 500T 5219 prepped and rolled for clean safe C-41 standard development as an ISO 800 film. Cinestill 800 ISO Tungsten Xpro Pick one or select all. With the night time, I am incredibly drawn to the dramatic lighting visible during the night through brightly lit store fronts, empty streets and finally, glowing neon signs. MAC SHOOTS FILM My first experience with Cinestill 800T ("T" for Tungsten) film was shooting a music video in a barber shop, the music video would be composed wholly of one roll of film images. Once I was able to get the negatives back and scanned in I was really pleased with the results which are below for you to check out. I wanted to cal shenanigans, but since I just happened to have a roll of Portra 400 that Adam gave me, I decided to give it a whirl. Hi there! Hope everyone’s having (or about to have) a great Spring Break, Easter or Semana Santa (as we call it in Spain). custserv@freestylephoto. 90. Utilizing a unique "Premoval" stage, the traditional anti-halation rem-jet layer has been removed from this film, enabling its development in C-41 chemistry as well as the motion picture Regular contributor Lorraine Healy is back, this time with a comparison of CineStill's 800T against the mighty Fuji 800 of yesteryear that was also recently featured in the Lomography Magazine (details for the curious are below During the shoot, I also shot a roll of the CineStill 120 800T in my Hasselblad 500 c/m with the 80mm f/2. me/p Cinestill 800T 135-36 (1 rol) exp 02/2021. Use the filters to choose from your favourite film brands or types - and if you're not sure where to start then head over to our Wall of Inspiration for ideas and community reviews. Jul 4, 2017 Shot with Cinestill 800T rated at ISO 400 #Repost @vsoniji ・・・ Shibuya, Tokyo # street #streetphotography #shibuya #tokyo #color #35mm. Kodak Portra 400 – 120 $ 17. under no circumstances will CineStill Film or it’s creators be liable for loss and damages, neither direct nor indirect All of the images were shot in natural or window light. This is a Tungsten  Oct 29, 2017 I didn't like Cinestill 800T the first time I shot it a couple of years ago. Located on the northeastern shoulder of Taiwan, Jiufen was a mining town whose gold rush began in the 1890s and declined after World War II. 00. biz to your address book to ensure delivery. A camera project on Kickstarter with a brilliant feature - interchangeable backs. Those can be found at night in any street, and that is why this film is so ideal to document night life NEW Bergger Pancro 400 NEW Rollei CR-200 NEW Rollei CR-200[Xpro] Fujifilm Provia 100F Fujifilm Velvia 50 JCH StreetPan 400 ----- Los Angeles - CineStill 800T [120 Cinestill 800T – 120 $ 22. Cinestill 800t (120 film) Cinestill 50D (120 film) Precautions. I was raised in the darkroom, and on the fine art work of photographers like Edward Weston, Diane Arbus, and Ansel Adams. It’s also the first roll I’d shot in a while and I did shoot it outside now and again, with my orange filter. The compact, portable camera design incorporates a fixed-focus wide-angle Emulsion Film Lab is dedicated to professional film processing and scanning as well as stocking a large range of film stocks. CineStill 800T Film Description & Features . Mamiya Rb67 - Portra 400. This section includes film shots of music performances captured with a variety of film stocks and film cameras. Utilizing a unique "Premoval" stage, the traditional anti-halation rem-jet layer has been removed from this film, enabling its development in C-41 chemistry as well as the motion picture standard ECN-2 process. CineStill 800T - 120mm. Cinestyle Fuji Eterna Vivid 250D Motion Picture Film – RM 14. Portra 400 • C41; CineStill 800T • C41; All test results will be converted to B&W as that is my current need with these materials. CineStill 800T is Kodak Vision3 500T motion picture film that’s been modified for use in 35mm film cameras and development using the C-41 process. Kodak T-MAX 100 . 95 dream lens to help with the low light. 2015 - NikonFM10, Lomography 100, Double Exposure. Portfolio of live music shots, landscape photos, and candid street work. In addition, I forgot to rate the film at 400 or CineStill 800T - 1 Roll - 36 exposures - Tungsten Balanced* - Process: C-41 CineStill film is Kodak motion picture film chemically pre-treated to remove the black carbon layer (RemJet layer) and anti-halation layer allowing the film to be processed standard color C-41 processing by your favorite lab. My own experience with the 50D suggests to *not* overexpose as much as one would with an ISO 400 color-negative film (you can do this with the 800T). I give a very slight edge to Superia 1600 because it doesn't suffer from halation but I'm interested in pushing Cinestill a couple of stops and seeing how well it holds up. The idea was to shoot at night and make use of available artificial lighting to add some creativity to the portraits, this assignment called for some special film stocks - Cinestill 800T and Lomography 800 and I also used a roll of Kodak Portra 400 too. Quick View Kodak Portra 400 - 35mm. Sunsets on the beach | Expire Kodak Pro (Pentax 67) Alex's First Birthday. CineStill film is the amazing technology of motion picture film, prepped and rolled for still photog. Los Angeles - CineStill 800T [120] & Hasselblad 500CM - September 2019 -----. CineStill 50D 35mm vs Portra – Comparison Shoot Out! During my Zurich Model Photography Workshop I decided to shoot CineStill 50D side by side with Kodak Portra 160. It was to good an opportunity to let pass. For this video, we used Kodak Ektar 100 for the color shots and Ilford HP5 400 for the black-and-white photos. Specifically designed for use in… Be the first to review “Cinestill 800T Color Negative Film (35mm Roll Film, 36 Exposures)” Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a review. I have shot with CineStill 800T tungsten balanced film and was impressed with the results so had high hopes for CineStill 50D. 92 *C-41 Process* – exp Sept 2018. Pushing Bergger Pancro 400 to 1600. We sell Colour as well as Black and White Film, and Creative 35mm camera film. J. CineStill 800 Tungsten 35mm Film is a 35mm tungsten-balance colour negative film. e. CineStill is an ISO 800 Tungsten film that can be developed in normal C41 chemistry. An online portfolio of a female film photographer based in Bangkok, Thailand. I enjoy how it works with red l Tungsten lights. Compare items. Great rated ISO 200-2000! Can be pushed to 3000! CineStill 800Tungsten is a unique film for still photographers. This 800Tungsten color negative film is balanced for tungsten, incandescent, and fluorescent light and exhibits a nominal sensitivity of ISO 800/30°. I have found that the cinestill film has a LOT more latitude when printed manually vs being scanned. It just takes the right tools, a little time and the desire to learn something new. -Cinestill recommends shooting it within 6 months of purchase (or cold-storing it), and also suggest that it is processed “promptly. QUICK VIEW. Hey, I'm off to test my first roll of Cinestill 800t at night and I was wondering what people's views were on which ISO to shoot at? I've seen Jul 13, 2018 Learn how to shoot CineStill 800T from film photographer Tanya Alexis, so you will need to meter at 400 on a handheld meter to compensate. Buy all kinds of 35mm, 110, 120 and instant photography essentials. Oct 29 Cinestill 800T & Ilford HP5 400 At Night Nicklaus Walter. $19. We have a variety of 35mm film from the like of Kodak, Fujifilm, Ilford and Cinestill.   The results were definitely different than what I used to in terms of color ne This item: Cinestill 800Tungsten High Speed Color Film, 120 Format (ISO 800) 800120 $26. ฟิล์มหนังสี Cinestill Tungsten 800 (ฟิล์มใหม่) ฟิล์มที่น่าอเมซซิ่งมาก พัฒนามาจากฟิล์มถ่ายหนัง Kodak Vision 3 500T รุ่นล่าสุด ซึ่งใช้ถ่ายทำหนังดังๆมากมาย เช่น Inception , Dark Knight Cinestill 800 iso 35mm film review. Hong Kong neon signs and street photography : Cinestill 800T, Leica M6 & Noctilux I was in Hong Kong in December 2017 and I wanted to shoot something that was unique to the city : the neon signs. I was using the 35mm format at the time, and ended up testing it out  Jan 9, 2019 From our tests and user feedback, CineStill 800T is best rated at EI (Exposure be somewhere between 400 and 800 without push processing. If money was no object and I could choose to shoot with any camera and any format, I would use the Leica M-A and 35mm Summilux, and shoot with CineStill 800T and Kodak Tri-X for the rest of my life. CineStill is a highly flexible film that you can push up to 3200 ISO. CineStill Xpro C-41 ISO 800 Tungsten This was originally planned as a casual shoot with no video. " CineStill 800Tungsten is motion picture film, prepped and rolled for still photography! The base emulsion is Kodak's Vision 3 5219 500T that undergone a proprietary process (eliminating the rem-jet layer of motion picture film without contaminating the sensitive emulsion) จากครั้งสุดท้ายที่เราเขียนรีวิวถึงฟิล์มหนัง Cinestill 800T แป๊ปๆก็ผ่านไปเป็นปีอย่างไม่น่าเชื่อ ตอนนั้นเป็นการทดลองม้วนแรกๆ ซึ่งก็ยังไม่มีคนฮิต Hi, I cant find profiles for CineStill 800T or for Bergger Pancro 400 will these come? Or can anyone recomend any other profiles for those films? Peter Film Photography Portfolio. Keep up to date with all things Lomography! Subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know about amazing deals, brand new products, and essential creative photography news. About the film. Xpro C-41 800 Tungsten produces atmospheric, warm, coordinated colors in artificial light. Name: CineStill 800 Tungsten Xpro. New Film I am certainly glad I saved the CineStill 50D for this trip, it most certainly did not disappoint. 85,00 kr Cinestill 135 800T X-pro. But even though Cinestill 800T is essentially Kodak Vision 3 500T, the modification makes it a different beast from its production house predecessor. Beta testing of 800T began in late  Oct 5, 2017 Compared to the Portra 400, colour saturation is slightly higher. CineStill X Pro C41 800T Tungsten 35mm 36 Exposure This is the 2nd generation of CineStill 800T film being produced, with an improved and refined production process, 800T is producing a superb result in standard C-41 chemistry, even when pushed to 3200 iso. Ilford Delta 400 120 Roll. From the company that brought the world 800T in 35mm (#800135) comes their latest offering: CineStill 50D Daylight Xpro C-41! This low ISO, fine grain, high resolution, ultra-sharp daylight balanced, color film will allow you to shoot with the same coveted emulsion used by Hollywood directors and cinematographers in bright, high contrast daylight with wonderful results! Shoot it at 400 without a filter. So back to CineStill. Dedicated to the art of analog photography. Ilford. Cinestill 800Tungsten Color 35mm Film. Thanks again Gianna! Cinestill 800T Tungsten 800 36 Exp Colour Negative Film (135) Price S$26. Related products. The roll of Cinestill 800T was downright ancient, I think I’d had it in my fridge for almost four years and it looks rather grainy. I'm Karol Malecki, a film photographer based in Poland Cinematic mood - this is quintessence of Cinestill 800t. CineStill Film 50 Ilford HP5 Plus ISO 400 . 8 to f8 depending on the light levels using an ISO setting of 800. Cinestill 800T + Pentax K1000 at Night. 120 format color negative. com」で!レビュー、Q&A、画像も盛り沢山。ご購入でゴールドポイント取得!今なら日本全国へ全品配達料金無料、即日・翌日お届け実施中。 The independent photo lab built and run by photographers for photographers. I've shuffled the pictures… Read More Cinestill 800T – 120 Film High-speed ISO 800 tungsten-balanced motion picture film A distinct halation effect produces glowing highlights from strong light sources. This unique film is suitable for all available light situations. Made from original Kodak motion picture film stock. Bakua1_ 635播放 · 3弹幕 03:32. Fuji Industrial 400 - from Showcase Video. I did not see this claim. Its 800 ISO emulsion is perfect for difficult low light situations. Cinestill Film creates photographic film for still cameras in 135 and 120 film formats from Cinestill Film's 800Tungsten Xpro C-41 (short: 800T) is based on Kodak's Vision 3 5219 motion picture cinema film. to/2DiAmDE. Front Row Seat. CineStill 800T Tungsten 35mm Color Negative Film (36 More info. I’ve completed my 52 rolls project, shooting a roll of a film a week for the whole year. If you have not heard of Cinestill film, you are in good hands! I don’t use this film often, reason being the first roll I tried was on a point and shoot zoom camera with flash, the colours didn't impress me. You’ll also need to buy some film holders, which you can purchase on eBay, B&H, or Amazon. When I’ve exhausted my unconventional colour films I think I’ll be sticking to Portra 400, which is the most diverse colour film available. We carry a variety of large format, medium format, 35mm and other film cameras and films. If you were shooting it at box speed (800), Pushing Portra 400 to 800 would have given some great results for less cost. Quick View Cinestill gave him an extra option which he used to great advantage. 8+柯达Proimage100+哈苏imacon CineStill Xpro C-41 800 Tungsten is a high-speed color negative film with a nominal sensitivity of ISO 800/30°. Not steady enough I guess. Mamiya Rb67 - Ilford CineStill 800T. Utilizing a unique “Premoval” stage, the traditional anti-halation rem-jet layer has been removed from this film, enabling its development in C-41 chemistry as well as the motion picture standard ECN-2 process. Ok, maybe I'll have the Ricoh GR-21 as my back-up and shoot Portra 400 once in a while. 85,00 kr Dubblefilm Monsoon 35mm film. Share on Facebook, Twitter. CineStill 800 Daylight Portraits / 35mm CineStill 800T. And, of course, neon signs with CineStill 800T. Watch the film all shots taken at Rennsport Reunion VI at Laguna Seca in Monterrey,CA! shot on various 35mm films such as Kodak Portra 400, FIlmneverdie IRO200, Japanese Camera Hunter Streetpan 400, Cinestill 800T and Expired Kodak Ektachrome! Cinestill 800T (Tungsten) Colour Negative Film (120) $25. See more ideas about Medium, 35mm film and Adam goldberg. I am still super bummed about Fujifilm’s decision to stop production of FP-100C packfilm. Call me eclectic. Click here to watch the video showcase! I'm so expired! Read Pushing Cinestill 800T to 1600. Sela and a Roll of Cinestill 50D 24 Write a comment Featured on Buzzfeed. Well, Cinestill 800T it’s because of its tungsten balanced chemistry. This long water line also provides plenty of great opportunities to photograph. On the one hand I really want to like them, they have really nice colors, resolution. 69. Today’s feature is a beautiful nighttime portrait series from videographer Clay Boonthanakit. ” Remember that a movie production will buy several 400-foot rolls to shoot in a single day, use it all up at once, then send it out to be processed the next day. Fujifilm Superia X-tra 400 35mm Color Negative Film 36 Exposures (3 Pack) $9. April 25, 2018 aaheather_ Photographing the ‘Stop Bombing Syria’ Demonstration. Untitled. Add To Cart. Your privacy is important to us! Freestyle never discloses, sells, or shares any of your information. CineStill 800T - 35mm - 36 Exposure - Single Roll Ilford Delta 400 -35mm - 36 Exposure - Single Roll. 【人像拍摄】400块不到的镜头能拍出什么效果?尼康F100+AF50mm f1. I would, however, define the main selling point of Cinestill 800T the fact that it's almost two stops faster than Superia/Portra 800 in tungsten lighting. You should place an 85B (Orange) filter on the lens for daylight shooting tungsten balanced film. Out Of Stock. It is a colour balanced daylight film at 5,500K. Most of the other stocks I see in the shops I go to fall into a few other distinct categories. I rated it at 400 and just for kicks, I bypassed the bleach when processing it. Beyond usage อะฟิล์ม จำหน่ายฟิล์มถ่ายภาพ สำหรับกล้องฟิล์ม เรามีฟิล์มสี,ขาวดำ,สไลด์ ในขนาด 135, 120, กล้องฟิล์มแบบใช้แล้วทิ้ง จำหน่ายนะครับ มาถ่ายภาพด้วยกล้อง CineStill 800T can easily be developed in the classic C-41 development process for colour films, without having to worry about things like remjet. You may also like… I am heavily inspired by cinema which is one of main motives for shooting with Cinestill 800T as I often want to create that cinematic vibe in my images. Cinestill film is the genius child of the Brothers Wright team, who have managed to re-package and modify Kodak film that is used for cinematography into a 35mm and 120mm version for photographers. Photo. Fujicolor Industrial 400 – RM 23. CineStill 800T. Kodak Portra 160 Mamiya RZ67 Mamiya Sekor Z 110mm 1:2. I shot the last of my Cinestill 800T 35mm rolls during the last holidays in Japan. Balanced for household lighting at 3200 K, this film is versatile, especially because it can be rated between ISO 200 - ISO 2000 according to the manufacturer. Great rated ISO 200-2000! Can be pushed over 3000! CineStill 800Tungsten (2nd. Shop CineStill Film 800135 800 Tungsten High Speed (ISO 800) Color Film, 36 Exposures 135 DX Kodak Portra 400 35m 36exp Film Professional 5 Pack. It is the perfect companion for a party or concert. Traditional Panoramic VS Swing-lens Panoramic I recently shot my first roll of CineStill 800T outdoors with a Nikon Y48 filter. There is a mix of 5D markiii and Leica M3 with Portra 400 and Cinestill 800T. VW Beetle . When I used it first time on medium format camera I fell in love very quickly. 95 Only 10 left in stock - order soon. 92 – exp July 2019. I must say that I am quite satisfied with this one. Fujifilm PRO 400H – 120 $ 22. I forgot to rate the film at 400 or 500 with the filter These Cinestill films leave me somewhat perplexed. Cinestill. Color Negative 35 mm ISO 400 3 rolls. Photoshoot Details – Cameras etc What Cinestill’s done is to modify Kodak 5219 Vision 3 500T to work in the still imaging world’s standard C-41 chemistry, and christened the new product Cinestill 800T. Yes I love all types of photography, but film is where it's at. ©2019 by Mac Shoots Film. 8 Cinestill 800T Canon Ae-1 Program Canon lens FD 50mm 1:1. The 1980s was an interesting era for camera technology, autofocus was in the wings and there was a race to get a chunk of what I would call the casual photography market, both Canon with their AE-1 Program and Minolta with their X-700 battled for that market segment to the death. The light in Istanbul during September/October is a simply amazing, probably because it is surrounded by water. UPDATE: So I’ve looked at the film and I am very drawn to the Porta 400 and VERY drawn to the Cinestill 800T when both are converted to B&W. I actually ended up shooting 59 rolls of film, a few were skipped from posting due to poor quality or just outright fail. CineStill film to respect the cinematic wide aspect ratio of the panoramic camera, and 800 speed so I could hopefully finish the roll in one day. Brian Diaz, street and concert photographer. View more. Utilizing a unique "Premoval"… read more » $ I’d expand that for the culinary challenged and suggest even if you can’t bake a cake, you can successfully develop your own black and white and color film. Cinestill withstands overexposure pretty well. 45. I was using the 35mm format at the time, and ended up testing it out randomly on a sunny day at a petting zoo. Generation) is a unique film for still photographers. At 800 . The Basics. Solvang Boutique. Philadelphia-based photographer, writer, and urban planning enthusiast. Cinestillfilm Cinestill 800T. I suspect that's the main cause of the issue on this roll: shot & rewound in a temperature & humidity controlled art gallery, so I should have just been more patient with my rewinding. Lila. Rated 5. The CineStill 800Tungsten Xpro C-41 35mm Color Negative Film is re-formatted movie stock that has been prepared and packaged for use in 35mm still cameras. 2014 - Diana F+, Lomography 400, Double Exposure CineStill 800T Tungsten Xpro C-41 120 The films of CineStill bring the unique look & feel of cinema film to 120 "still" film! CineStill 800 Tungsten, is the first film made by the American film manufacturer CineStill. Thank you for visiting! Cinestill 120 Film 800Tungsten. I shot the roll using a Minolta X300S camera with a Sigma 35-70mm lens, ranging from f2. It took 20 days to make that happen and there are still 5 days left to try to hit a couple of key stretch goals. Polaroid specialists, film enthusiasts. Fujicolor 400 is a high-speed, daylight-type fine-grain color negative film ideal for outdoor sports. Johansson. 80 Fujicolor Natura 1600 Film – RM 44. using a standard daylight film like CineStill 50D or Kodak Portra 400 . Cinestill 800T has been developed from Kodak Vision 3 500T 5219 motion picture film that was designed for ECN-2 motion picture processing as a positive film. Cinestill 800T – 120 Ilford HP5 Plus 400 CineStill 800T is designed C-41 processing though, which causes a slight push in development, resulting in a more dense negative so we have found 800 to be right in the middle of the ideal Exposure Index range. Be sure to take a look at this Flickr group and be surprised by this unique film! NEW Cinestill 800T Tungsten XPro 35mm film. Tokyo, Japan Canon AE-1 / Cinestill 800T Canon AE-1 / Fuji Superia 400 (Source: quinnmilfilm) Cinestill took a popular, modern t-balanced ECN-2 film in Kodak 500T and modified it to eliminate the rem-jet (removable jet-black layer used in motion picture films for anti-halation, lubrication, and anti-static) making it possible to develop in C-41 chemistry. $17. This is a shot from my second use of Cinestill 800T film, which is Kodak Eastman 5219 movie film which has been prepared by removing the Rem-Jet and loaded in to standard 135 cartridges. A convenient disposable camera for use in both indoor and outdoor shooting situations, the QuickSnap Flash 400 from FUJIFILM is loaded with a 27-exposure roll of Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 400 color negative film for bright, vivid results in a variety of lighting conditions. The awesome guys behind Cinestill are gearing up for a second crack at bringing CineStill 800T to medium format. This film Previous Kodak UltraMax 400 Next CineStill 800T - 35mm. Film News: CineStill 120 Film Campaign 2016 is gearing up to be an fantastic year for film, despite what Fujifilm did to us all. อะฟิล์ม จำหน่ายฟิล์มถ่ายภาพ สำหรับกล้องฟิล์ม เรามีฟิล์มสี,ขาวดำ,สไลด์ ในขนาด 135, 120, กล้องฟิล์มแบบใช้แล้วทิ้ง จำหน่ายนะครับ มาถ่ายภาพด้วยกล้อง I have, and it was probably because I was new to film, but my results came out very washed out. But I've also only ever used the daylight 50 during the summer, when dry air isn't an problem. Assuming analog prints won't be made, my film of choice would be Ilford 3200 B&W. Cinestill 800 ISO Tungsten Xpro C-41 Film 135/36. com. CineStill 800Tungsten Xpro C-41 Color Negative Film As with the 50Daylight film, the 800Tungsten has distinct qualities of a high-speed motion picture stock. Please add www. I bet people were successfully pushing Basically, CineStill 800T is a film that can be exposed at EI 800 in tungsten light and offer great detail but if the grain is too much for you, try rating it at EI 500 or 400 where the grain renders smoother. Posts navigation. Prints available for all music and street photography. Color Negative 35 mm ISO 400 3 Being able to combine two separate moments into one has mostly unlimited potential for composition as well as the ability to at times create openly interpretive stories. Tag: cinestill What is the Rem-jet (Remjet)? Posted on June 18, 2017 September 4, 2017 Posted in Film reviews Tagged 35mm, anti-halation, antihalation, cinestill Get the best deal for 35mm/135 Print Colour Photography Film from the largest online selection at eBay. Join Group. And now we have the chance to make it even better. My bottom line is, I’ll be ordering more Cs41 from Cinestill soon. For a lens I opted for my 50mm 0. I recently shot my first roll of CineStill 800T outdoors with a Nikon Y48 filter. Cinestill 50D is a film that has been developed from Kodak 50D motion picture film that was designed for ECN-2 motion picture processing. According to Cinestill FAQ, shooting at 1600 means pushing it 2 (two) stops! Cameras: Leica MP, Minox 35GT, Leica Minilux, Mamiya 7II, Fujifilm TX2 Films: JCH Streepan 400, Cinestill 800Tungsten, Cinestill 50Daylight-Street Photography Hong Kong Barton 1972® CineStill 800T. CineStill 800T - 35mm. Cinestill 800T 135-36 (1 rol) exp 02/2021. Lomography Color . Analog film CineStill 800T Mug. Nikkormat FTn - Nikkor 50mm F1. Happy shopping! This time I took a number of film stocks. CINESTILL 800T - 120MM. This was totally by accident, as I meant to use an 85b filter. 85 Philadelphia-based photographer, writer, and urban planning enthusiast. Film responds well to push processing up to ISO 3200. If that Silbersalz thing is something completly new, I'd like to be convinced. All film was developed at home using either Ilfosol3 or Unicolor C-41 color kit. CineStill 800T Tungsten 35mm Color Negative Film (36 Exposures) $19. This film is designed for difficult low light tungsten situations and may be used in many different lighting situations to achieve a variety of looks. Then Elie, who recently moved away, was back in town for work. In Norfolk recently I had one of my last rolls of Fujifilm Venus 800 (now discontinued), and in New York I used Cinestill 50D. This film is being discontinued so grab yourself a couple rolls before its all gone! CineStill 800T . All films were shot in auto program mode which happens to be the only mode this camera has. The pushing or pulling process involves shooting and developing film at a different ISO then what the film is rated for. Portra 400 at Night. me/p Another day goes by, yet another new film on the market, and now a Kickstarter film project for CineStill 120, the one everybody has been waiting for! http://igg. CINESTILL 800T 35mm — Regular price €11 CINESTILL BWxx 35mm — Regular price €9 FOMA Fomapan 100 - 120 — Regular price €3. This makes CineStill 800T the most versatile color film  Compared to the original motion picture stock, 800T responds with a slightly increased . In this way, Cinestill 800T possesses a look very similar to Kodak 500T. They create a part of the atmosphere of the city at night. The Orange Country Fair captured on Cinestill 800T and fujiFilm Provia 100f +1 🙌🏼 These two film stocks are polar opposites which is why it’s so cool seeing them side-by-side. Pleas share your thoughts about it when you tested it! 【NOFACE】CineStill 800T 胶卷使用感受 【胶片人像】【Dachene】Agfa 400 & Cinestill 800T - Nikon F100. This film is seriously sharp and grain free. 800T is really good in dark, evening shooting. I did go back… These are the best-selling films available in our store! Over 200 different films across 35mm, 120, large format, instant and more. Processing can also be done with ECN-2 chemistry without worrying about the rem-jet layer. 5. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Cinestill 800t 120 2x Ilford HP5 Plus ISO 400 120 Black & White Roll Film Medium Format. So, finally, you’ve made a try at the CineStill 50D 😉 I’m looking forward to your 800T review; use the recommended 80B filter in daylight, it helps a lot to keep the blues in check. Buy 800 ISO Camera Films 36 Exposures and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! 5 Rolls X Cinestill 800 ISO 800t Tungsten 35-36 35mm 135 Color Negative Amy Jasek. 92 *C-41 Process* – exp Sept 2018 Another day goes by, yet another new film on the market, and now a Kickstarter film project for CineStill 120, the one everybody has been waiting for! http://igg. Thank you for visiting! ローライ Rollei CS8011 [Cinestill 800T カラー]の通販ならヨドバシカメラの公式サイト「ヨドバシ. Pastel portraits with Portra 400. Photography. My neighbor has taken the cat to a highly recommended local NO KILL shelter that is going to house her until she has her kittens, then find them all loving homes If you wanna shoot this film and you send it to a lab PLEASE shoot Cinestill 800T! Cinestill 800T - https://amzn. I hope some of them would make you to grab your old dusty analog camera out of the closet and go for a shooting! I recently got a roll of Cinestill 800T back from the lab so why not post a few photos from that? The first four frames in the contact sheet didn't turn out unfortunately. All Film - From Super8 to 4x5; Fujicolor Professional Film; Ilford Black & White Film; Kodak Black & White Film; Kodak Motion Picture Film; Polaroid Instant Film CineStill’s crowdfunding efforts to make 120 roll film for medium format cameras hit its main goal of $120,000 in contributions. You get a high speed, classic black and white film emulsion, with an ISO of 250 under daylight and 200 under tungsten lighting. Fujifilm Superia X-Tra 400 24 Exp Colour Negative Film (135) Price S$12. Browse our daily deals for even more savings! Free delivery and free returns on eBay Plus items! This is where to buy 35mm film online! We stock over 125 different 35mm films in all different ISO ranges. But rather than a review of the Fuji HD-M, I intend this to be an appreciation post and a love song to a particular film – CineStill 800T. ILFORD DELTA 3200 Fuji Neopan 400 Pro . Is it a motion picture film? It is a cinema film with emulsion from Kodak Vision 3 5219, but the film is modified and suitable for C-41 processing. 57 Posts. Amazon. The colours of Cinestill 800T get pretty funky when shot in daylight (if you aren’t using an 85 or 81 filter), but that’s because it’s a tungsten balanced film. sold out  Mamiya Rz67 pro II / 100 2. Oct 4. Like Cinestill 50D, this film has had the anti-halation layer removed so you can develop it at any lab along with your regular C41 films. For more information, you can visit the CineStill official website. Aaron's Commercial Alleyway. Together with my previous 5 frames with I guess this will make a niche-y little sequence of 80s/90s underwater cameras. Aaron's - Shana Weinstein. The gamma yielding is increased from ISO 500 to ISO 800. All of the work in this section was captured on film using a variety of film stocks and cameras. We stock analogue film products in 35mm film, 120 film as well as instant film formats from brands such as Kodak, Fujifilm, Cinestill etc. Let’s say you want to push your 400 ISO film 1 stop (+1), set your camera to 800 ISO and shoot/meter the whole roll as 800 ISO. Jul 23, 2018 Who's it for: CineStill 800T is a faster ISO film. Lobster thermidor. Many of the images fall off almost instantly despite the background being a white wall, not far away. This 800 speed tungsten balanced color negative film is prepared from the same motion picture material used by top cinematographers around the world. Dec 23, 2017- Explore seiji's board "Cinestill 50D", followed by 186 people on Pinterest. Overall, the grain is so fine and the tonality is truly lovely. At this point of time, I already knew that it’s better to shoot 800T at 500 ISO if you are not going to push it. CineStill 800 Tungsten 35mm Film 36 Exposures. As most of you may already know, Cinestill 800T re-formatted Kodak motion picture stock that is balanced for tungsten, incandescent, and fluorescent light. 8 / Cinestill 800t : analog. Brooklyn's best selection of refurbish vintage cameras, films, and fine accessories. Fujifilm Velvia 50 Professional 36 Exp 5 Pack 35mm -EXPIRED 10/2017. 49. The Lomography Shop has a huge selection of analogue cameras and films. Where CineStill 800T Shines and Struggles CineStill 800Tungsten Xpro C-41 – more commonly known simply as CineStill 800T – is a special film in more ways than one. Fuji 400 pushed by three stops. Ships from and sold by Photo Warehouse. They Weep. Moody street photography with JCH 400. Armed with a few rolls of the wonderful Cinestill 800T (T for Tungsten balanced) film, I went out after hours in search of neon lights and empty spaces. Film Photography Portfolio. They were scanned at home on the Epson v800 and Silverfast, using the Portra 400 VC 6×6 profile. 8 # thedarkroomlab Jun 6, 2018- Explore sguillarte's board "Analog Photography Inspiration", followed by 135 people on Pinterest. The startup’s latest effort to launch lines of medium and I'm just a photographer from southern Ohio that shares his work, thoughts on photography, and every day life with all of you. Clay used neon lights, interesting compositions, and the colors of CineStill 800T to push creative boundaries and bring these images to life. Today, by popular request, we’d like to do a little post on a film that’s quite unique for many reasons: meet CineStill 800T. Kodak Portra 400 Film 35mm / 36 Exposure - 1 Roll Absolutely one of our favorite films here at the Shot on Film store! Cinestill 800T film in 35mm / 36 exposure Brian Diaz, street and concert photographer. When I heard that Cinestill 120 was released, I decided I’d give it another try, but this time, I’d shoot it under the dim glow of tungsten bulbs at night in Victoria, Canada. Like Liked NEW CineStill 800T NEW Fujifilm Velvia 100 NEW Kodak E100VS NEW Rollei Variochrome 200-400 NEW Bergger Pancro 400 NEW Rollei CR-200 NEW Rollei CR-200[Xpro] Fujifilm Provia 100F Fujifilm Velvia 50 JCH StreetPan 400 Ilford FP4+ 125 Ilford DPP Fujifilm Provia 400X Ilford HP5+ 400 Kodak T-Max 400 Kodak Portra 400 Kodak Portra 800 Rollei Retro 80S Film Shooters. Fuji QuickSnap Superia 400 ISO with Flash 35mm x 27 exp. high speed colour 135 film - ISO 800 tungsten balanced colour negative film from the Cinestill 800 Tungsten Cinestill film 135 film JCH Street Pan 400 - 135. Which leads us nicely to the photographs I’m about to present. 120mm CineStill 800T. New Film Read more > Pushing Cinestill 800T to 1600. Tungsten-Balanced Color Negative Film ISO 800/30° in C-41 or ECN-2 Process Motion Picture Film Stock "Premoval" of Rem-Jet Layer Unique Halation Effect Well-Suited to Push Processing Ideal for Low-Light Conditions Enhanced Scanning Performance Non DX-Coded 135 Cartridge Thieves market/Bugis/Haji Lane. Per Brian Wright from the Cinestill team: From our tests and user feedback, CineStill 800T is best rated at EI (Exposure Index) 800 in tungsten light when processed in standard C-41 chemistry. Each film holder has two slots for the film. CineStill 800 Tungsten Xpro. US$17. I took Cinestill 50D, Cinestill 800T, Ilford Delta 100, Ilford HP5 & Fujicolor Superia X-Tra 400. Last week I came across this beauty in an empty parking lot. Mar 20, 2018 In mixed light or daylight it can also produce stunning color when rated at ISO 400. Very Contrasty, picture doesn’t always look like what was being taken. I didn't have my tripod with me, but I tried to hold steady. IIford delta 400 pro . Shop CineStill Film 800135 800 Tungsten High Speed (ISO 800) Color Film, 36 Exposures 135 DX Coded. 4 The bummer is that fast color films just do not really exist anymore. - ---- Montreal / Saskatoon / Winnipeg - CineStill 800T [120] & Plaubel Makina 67  Kodak T-Max 400 - 36 exposures. g. Brandon and Brian Wright, better known as The Brothers Wright, are the identical twins behind the craft film company CineStill Film. 816 Members. Having recently acquired a new camera, he was eager to put it to the Hey guys!! Welcome to our channel! In our first video we show side by side comparisons of Kodak Portra 400 vs Cinestill 50D. Oct 4 Summer Through The Lens Of A Monochrome Single Use Camera The Film Photography Project informs, engages and inspires film enthusiasts of all levels. Crisp Night Shots Taken with the CineStill 800 Film I just bought a roll of Cinestill 800T too! using the Lomography Color Negative 400. The sun is only above the horizon around 4 hours each day in a Finnish winter. I packed a bit too much gear, but mostly for this post, I shot two rolls of Cinestill 800 with the Hasselblad 500cm and 80mmF2. See more ideas about Photography, Film photography and Famous photographers. cinestill 800t at 400

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